NAVIGATE Smart Connect Platform (Create account to Send SMS)



  1. CREATE ACCOUNT (Sign up)

        Name (First & Last), Email Address, Username, Password.

        Register then, click link in Email to Complete Registration.

        Upload your Business Name and Logo on your DASHBOARD.



Members represent all the persons you will be sending messages (SMS) to: Employees, Tenants, existing Customers or customers you wish to solicit through SMS.

  1. All Members: To View all members
  2. Add Members (Full Name, Country code, Phone number, Email Address)

CLICK Create to create Members.


  1. GROUP
  • You can classify members (created members) in to different groups.
  • Only an existing member can be added to a GROUP.
  • AS an example, consider a COMPANY (Employees can be used as Members)

Hence, you can classify Employees into GROUPS (Engineers, Technicians, Accounting Etc.)  or Departments.

Similarly, Tenants (as in the case of Apartment Complexes) can be classified into GROUPS (Name, House Number, Apt/Suite Number Etc.) by Landlords or Apartment Managers.


  1. All Groups: To view all Groups
  2. Add New Group: To create a new Group


  • To Add Members to a created Group, Select Add Member, under the Action Column (click three dots) or use the [+] to Add Members.
  • You can also Delete Members, Edit Information and View members by clicking on the dots below the Action Column.


  • All Messages
  • Send SMS
  • Templates
  • Create Template


  • All Messages: To view all messages (Action: Use, Edit, View, Delete)
  • Send SMS:

Create Message>> Write Text>> Upload File>>Insert Link.

Created Messages can be sent as SMS to Individuals OR a Group. SEND to Individual/Group.


  • Templates: To View all created Templates.
  • Create Template: (Name of the Template, Text, Upload file then Save)

Use and Reuse Templates as a Saved Message.


  1. Schedule Messages (SMS)

Create Messages, then save. Choose Date/Time for message (SMS) to be sent automatically to the recipient(s).

  1. All Schedule: To View all schedule Messages (Action: View, Edit, Delete, Use)



Purchase different SMS Packages:

  • BRONZE: $4.99/Month (Billed Annually)
  • SILVER: $9.99/Month (Billed Annually)
  • GOLD: $19.99/Month (Billed Annually)
  • DIAMOND: $49.99/Month (Billed Annually)